Nuclear Hazards Indemnity Agreement

Point 6 — The above compensation agreement, to which this schedule belongs, is ab-m. 19 ———— ,–. 4. The extraordinary nuclear event is an event which the Commission has defined as an extraordinary nuclear event within the meaning of the 1954 nuclear law as amended. (iv) The self-created contractor and other compensated persons, who is the result of nuclear waste or who presents himself in the context of nuclear waste, agrees to forego – 4. With regard to the extraordinary nuclear events covered by this agreement, the Commission and the licensee agree, for themselves and for other compensated persons, to the extent that their interests arise, not to give up on everyone: 1. If the Commission finds that the United States is likely to have to compensate these agreements under these provisions , the Commission has the right to cooperate with the licensee and others who are compensated in the settlement and defence of a claim (unless state compensation, which would otherwise be available for the payment of public liability, is used for these purposes) and who has the right to require the Commission`s prior agreement for the settlement or payment of claims or actions brought against the licensee or any other person public liability or deterioration of ownership of persons responsible for the nuclear incident that the licensee or the Commission may invoke under this agreement; and (b) to appear by the Attorney General of the United States on behalf of the licensee or other compensated person, to take charge of these measures and to regulate or defend such an act. When the Commission intends to settle or defend such an act or request, the licensee provides all appropriate assistance to the implementation of a regulation or to the defence. (e) are only effective with respect to the obligations set out in this agreement; 2.

With respect to the damage caused by a nuclear incident to settle the property of a person legally responsible for the nuclear incident, the Commission undertakes to pay that person the sums that that person would have had to pay if that status had belonged to another person; provided that the Commission`s obligation under this paragraph does not apply: (a) the property at the place described in paragraph 4 of the schedule or to the insurance policy declaration n. n. Licensees of power reactors are required by law to obtain the maximum amount of nuclear incident insurance available on the insurance market (from 2017[update], $450 million per reactor). [2] All monetary claims covered by this ceiling are paid by the insurer.